SEO your Testimonials – Issue #010

SEO your Testimonials – Issue #010

Actionable SEO Tip of the Week

When we talk about doing SEO, we are usually referring to our own website, but in some cases, we may need to look outside our own web properties.

Let see an example:

SEO your Testimonials

My friend Spencer Jones is the maker of, an awesome Twitter scheduling and Analytics tool

When he does SEO for his website, most likely he will optimize it so it can rank for “Twitter scheduling tool”, which is perfect.

But, what if someone searches for “Twitter scheduling tool reviews”? Well, that’s an entirely different story. Most keywords related to reviews and testimonials are dominated by big review sites like Capterra, TrustRadius, G2, Trustpilot, and similar.

Of course, he could (and should) create a testimonials page on his site so he can rank for that keyword, but it may be faster to optimize, for example, his Capterra listing so it can rank for “Twitter scheduling tool reviews”.

But, how can he optimize someone else’s website?

Well, in the case of review sites, is fairly simple. Those websites already have huge authority, so you know they will rank for topic + reviews. So the only thing you have to do is optimize the content of your product’s review page.

I know, it’s easier said than done, so let me break it down and show you how I would do it.

1. Make sure you have a listing on the review site of your choice.

2. Add all the required information like product name, tag line, description, URL, pricing plans, images, and whatever else is available.

At this point, I hope you already know what’s the top keyword for your product, so make sure you add it wherever possible… the tag line, the description, and why not, even in the product name.

Continuing with the example, Spencer would include the keyword “Twitter scheduling tool” in the information fields of the Capterra listing.

Now comes the tricky part… the product information we just added is important, but the bulk of the content of a review page is made up of the reviews your customers write. So what now?

3. Optimize the testimonials by giving clear instructions to your customers when you ask them for reviews You read that right, tell your users what keywords to include in their reviews.

Why is this important? Let’s see two sample reviews:

Review #1: “Chime is the best tool I’ve ever used! It saves me a lot of time and it’s helping me grow my Twitter audience”

Review #2: “Chime is the best Twitter analytics tool I’ve ever used! It saves me a lot of time and it’s helping me grow my Twitter audience”

Notice the difference? Review #1 is nice but it will do nothing for your SEO. Review #2 will provide topical relevance for the keyword “Twitter analytics tool” which will help your Capterra listing rank for that search phrase.

I mentioned that this was the tricky part because you can’t 100% control how this will happen, but you can try to make it happen.

If I were Spencer, I would include this when sending a review invite to my users:

…when writing your review, it would help me a lot if you could include ‘Twitter analytics tool’ in the text so that people who read it understand clearly what my product is about.

You can probably phrase it a little better than me but that’s the idea.

It may feel like a long shot but try it. Even if only a couple of people do it, your Capterra review page (or whatever you use) will be in good shape to rank for your “top keyword + review”, which could drive qualified traffic and leads to your website

Are there any specific topics you want me to cover in the coming weeks? DM me on Twitter and let me know!

SaaS Showcase of the Week

Content is the backbone of your SEO strategy, but the content is not the only thing that is needed to make the sale.

Visual elements are crucial conversion elements. If your site looks nice and attractive, you have better chances of converting website visitors. This brings us to this week’s SaaS showcase.

SVG Backgrounds offers a wide variety of customizable backgrounds that are perfect for spicing up your website. Best of all, the generated SVGs are lightweight, which means that they will not slow down your website as it happens with big PNG or JPG backgrounds.

They have both free and premium collections, so go try them out!

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Product Shoutouts

Tweet Hunter: Grow a high-quality Twitter audience

Superblog: A blazing fast alternative to WordPress and Medium

BrandBird: Turn your screenshots into captivating branded social graphics

SuperSEO Tips: Actionable tips to help improve your SEO

Copymatic: Generate AI blog articles, website copy, landing pages & digital ads in seconds.

KatLinks: Affordable SEO Tool for Makers

In Conclusion…

SEO your testimonials by optimizing your third-party review listings and guiding your customers so they write reviews that will help drive more traffic and leads to your website.

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