Speed up your Website – Issue #031

Speed up your Website – Issue #031

Actionable SEO Tip of the Week

We all know that a fast website provides a better user experience. Even Google says that “Faster sites create happy users“.

But it’s not only that! Since site page speed is a ranking factor, having a fast-loading website can also help your rank higher on search results.

Check your site speed

First of all, you need to check your current site speed and determine the possible factors that could be slowing down your website.

Use Google PageSpeed Insights to run a performance analysis report on your website.

PageSpeed Insights

Once you get the report, you can ignore the “Desktop” section. Remember that Google is mobile-first, so a better score on desktop means nothing. Focus on the mobile report.

Within the report, you will get several suggestions specific to the issues found on your website. Since I don’t know what issues will show on your site, here’s a rundown of the most common activities that can help improve your website speed:

Image Optimization

If you want to optimize your images for load speed, you need to optimize size, dimensions and format.

Image size: Image compression tools like ShortPixel and TinyPNG can help you reduce the file size of the images.

Dimensions: If your viewport or section where an image is going to be displayed is 800px wide, why use an image that is 1980px wide? Resize your images for the exact need of your website layout. You can do this manually with any image editing software or use an online tool like iLoveIMG.

Format: Each type of image has its ideal image format. For example, photos should be JPG and graphics, like logos or vector style images, should be PNG. Ideally, try to instead use next-gen formats like WebP which works with any type of image and can be up to 80% better compression.


A caching solution turns a dynamic website into static HTML files, which are served much faster to the browser. It also users browser caching, asking the browser to store the commonly-used but rarely-updated files in its local cache memory. If you are using WordPress, WP Rocket is a very popular option.


CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, and what it does is that it creates copies of your website across several high-speed networks around the world, then serves those files from the closest server to the person browsing your website.

Your website will load faster because it will be served from a nearby geographical location, and also, from a faster network than your typical hosting service. A couple of the most popular options are Cloudflare and Bunny.net.

Remove Unneeded Assets

Finally, make sure that your website is not loading unneeded assets like scripts or images. This is a very common issue with WordPress because it’s super easy to install a bunch of plugins that are not needed.

Are there any specific topics you want me to cover in the coming weeks? DM me on Twitter and let me know!

SaaS Showcase of the Week

One of the biggest challenges I had when building KatLinks was data visualization. Sure, lists and tables work fine, but nothing beats a chart to help users understand how their actions are impacting their SEO results.

The problem we had was actually gathering data and rendering charts without weighing down our servers.

Well, in this week’s SaaS showcase I’ll tell you about a little tool that helped us generate data visualization charts in minutes.

GraphJSON is a serverless, self-serve and affordable analytics designed to help you get the most out of your data. It’s really simple to use, and thanks to the provided code snippets, you can start logging events in no time.

It comes with a very generous free tier, but if you need more, they have a simple and affordable pricing plan.

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Product Shoutouts

Tweet Hunter: Grow a high-quality Twitter audience

SEO for Web Developers: Actionable SEO video training for developers

Breakcold: Automated email campaigns that turn cold prospects into clients

Copymatic: Generate AI blog articles, website copy and digital ads in seconds

KatLinks: Affordable SEO Tool for Makers

In Conclusion…

Investing time and resources in speeding up your website will not only provide a good experience to your users, but it will also help you rank higher on Google.

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