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SEO Tip #58

Before we get to this week’s SEO Tip, I just wanted to let you know that I’m rebranding this newsletter to SuperSEO Tips. It feels much more actionable and on-brand to what I do and share.

The format will also change a bit. I will send you one short and actionable SEO tip per week (like the one in this email) that you can read in around 5 minutes. So keep an eye out for the next email.

by Roberto Robles

Now, back to our SEO tip…

Unless you are a niche site builder or someone who ranks content to sell ads based on traffic, you shouldn’t try to rank for popular but irrelevant keywords, regardless of their search volume.

Focus on keywords that can move your business forward. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Rank for keywords that can drive traffic with high conversion potential.

  • If you have a low authority site, focus on low competition keywords, but don’t sacrifice business objective goals for the sake of ranking.

  • Consider search volume an informative metric, but remember that those are not exact numbers, so don’t ignore low, or even zero, search volume keywords if you know they are relevant to your business.

I’ve personally had clients who rank for zero-search-volume keywords and are still driving traffic and sales to their businesses.

Good SEO results start with good keyword research.

What keywords are you trying to rank for?

~ Roberto

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